Children and Youth

From September through May we offer Sunday school classes for all age groups: Infants - 18 years of age on Sunday morning from 10:15am - 11:15am. All are welcome to join a class at any time.


We have a Nursery off the sanctuary where infants can play or have a nap while the parents can still be a part of the worship service.

The Toddler Nursery

There is a Toddler nursery available where the toddler can play with toys and share time with other children. We have a monitoring system, so that if a child needs to have the parents come back from the worship service, there is a “call system” to contact the parent easily. There is a caregiver in the Toddler Nursery during each Sunday worship service.

Grade School

There is a Sunday school class from 4K - 12 grade class and a Confirmation class for 8th grade students.

Family Ministries

The youth and children attend monthly activities out in the community where we invite friends, family and other members of the congregations. At these outings the families and friends enjoy new friendships, fellowship, and the youth and children can help people in the community, build relationships with God and help bring their friends and classmates into a relationship with God.

Some of the events include community outreach such as preparing meals along with our mission team and serving these meals to the people staying at the Homeless Connections and the COTS program group has also gone on a ski trip, hayride, bowling, miniature golf, and a ski trip.