Visitor Info

Thank you for your interest in Faith Global Methodist Church. We hope to see you at worship soon!

We are located at 1025 Tullar Road in Neenah, Wisconsin. Click here for directions. Nursery for infants and toddlers is provided during worship service.

It is common to feel slightly apprehensive on your first visit, but be assured you are most welcome and that there will be people to answer your questions and make you feel welcome. If you have additional information, please contact us at (920) 722-5842.

When are your Sunday worship services?

Our services are at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. This is a blended service which includes music led by the Praise Team as well as songs sung out of the United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing song book. The congregation joins in the singing with the song lyrics projected on our overhead screens. The Faith-Full Singers sing throughout the year as well as the Children of Faith. Piano and organ are both played.

How should I dress?

Most people dress casually, especially in the summer months. On holidays, people tend to dress up more. Others will dress up every Sunday. Dress so that you are comfortable. The important thing is that you are there to join in the Worship of God.

When is Holy Communion Given? May I join in?

Everyone is welcome to participate in communion - members and visitors alike. Your children are also welcome to participate. We offer communion on the first Sunday of every month.

How long are the worship services?

Our worship celebrations are about 60 minutes in length.

What can you tell me about the Methodist Church?

The United Methodist Church is the third largest Christian group in the country, behind Catholics and Southern Baptists. There are 38,000 United Methodist congregations in the U.S. Worldwide, there are 70 million Methodist Christians. For more information about the United Methodist Church, see our denomination's website at To find out more about what United Methodists believe, check out

I am not a "Methodist", can I still attend your church?

Absolutely! Faith Church is open to people of a variety of religious backgrounds, or even no religious background at all. You may have never attended a church in your life or, maybe you grew up in a church, but haven't been active for a long time. Or, maybe you are new to the Neenah area, and are looking for a home church. Whatever your background, you are most welcome to join us.

Is the church building wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, the church building is fully handicap accessible.

Is the church air conditioned?

Our sanctuary is air conditioned.